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Hitchhiking Emotions Improv – The Comedy Kids Bonus Game

Hitchhiking Emotions Improv – The Comedy Kids Bonus Game. The Comedy Kids is a series featuring kids performing improv comedy games in front of a live studio audience in NYC.

Kevin Ourvan
Monty Swanson
Christian Varas
Sariah Johnson

Hosted by Walt Frasier
Produced by Improv 4 Kids
Directed by Laurice Fattal
Production/Camera: Charnette Soto

How To Play Improv Warm Up Games – The Comedy Kids

Learn how to play improv warm up games. The Comedy Kids warm up with improv games before a show! Quick tutorial.
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Harukasan – Warm-up Improv Game. In this energy passing warm-up game, players have a series of possible moves. We pass energy to the left or right with a guttural sound generated from deep down. We may block the energy with an even bigger sound and raising our hand in defense, which send the path of the energy in the opposite direction. But when you get blocked form both sides you only have one possible move – the all powerful HARUKASAN. This is the Dragon Ball Z of all Improv moves. We ball up all our Chi. Digging deeper than ever before and pass it across the circle. Upon receiving the energy from a Harukasan you make a big choice to pass energy left or right. One cannot block Harukasan.

ZIP ZAP ZUP – Player one claps, points and makes eye contact to another player in the circle while proclaiming ZIP. That player receives the energy and immediately passes it one in the same fashion yelling ZAP. The third player continues to pass the energy saying ZUP. The games continues around the circle.

Sammy Wasserman
Christian Varas
Ethan Harkavy
Kevin Ourvan

Hosted By Walt Frasier